The Artist


Cool Globe Exhibit

Multimedia artist, Angela Briggs creates personal shrines/spirits dolls, masks, prints, books, assemblage, instruments and public art. Signature pieces in Briggs’ repertoire of art to wear include her one of a kind Khatiti JuJu bags and necklaces, generally made from gourds, coconut shells, leather, bone fiber and copper.

Briggs’ spirit dolls and prints are featured in “The Healing Passage” and “Higher Ground” a film and CD by S. Pearl Sharp, Art Doll Quarterly, and the Complete Book of Carving and Gourd Spirit Dolls, by Jim Widess and Ginger Summit.

Over the past 35 years Angela Briggs has worked with K-12, college students and adults with disabilities, creating workshops that teach history and traditions of African, Native American and Asian cultures at several school sites in California. Her work has been exhibited at CAAM, Watts Tower Art Center, Craft and Folk Art Museum and various galleries in California.

One of her most recent creation was in a the exhibit for Earth Day, to raise awareness of global warming. She constructed a globe (seven feet) using natural and recycled materials.